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Established in 2009, JG Design & Fabrication set out to be an all-encompassing fabrication shop focusing primarily on hot rods, kustoms, and classics. We have a passion for what we do, which makes this shop more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. Ventura, California has a rich history with hot rods, which we take great pride in, as well as continuing on the legacy. Our goal is to turn our customer’s ideas into reality. We want our customers to be just as excited about our services, and parts, as we are. 


Our shop takes an old school approach to handling our customers. We take the time to get to know our customers, and what their specific needs for their vehicle are. Who you meet is exactly who is working on your car. We believe in a quality built product at a fair price. We try our hardest to only purchase USA built components, and materials. Here at JG Design & Fabrication, we take great pride in saying that our products are made in the USA. 





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1584 Callens Road, Ventura, Ca. 93003

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  • How low will my car lay with a baby moon notch kit?
    With the baby moon notch kit installed your car will lay anywhere from 1 1/2" to 3" off the ground. A few things effect how low it lays. The 2 large things that effect how low the vehicle lays is; did you install the kit with the notch cut into the chassis, and what size tire are you running? With the notch installed and running a 5.60 x 15 tire, the vehicle will sit 1 1/2" off the ground. With the notch installed and running a 6.70 x 15 tire, the vehicle will sit 2 1/4" off the ground.
  • Shipping lead times
    Our shipping lead times can fluctuate from same day shipping to 6-10 weeks for our IFS systems. Most of our 2 link kits and or components typically ship within 3-5 days but we say 7-10 days to give us sufficient time for assembly. Most parts are built to order or assembled once ordered. Anything requiring powdercoat or any other finish aside from raw steel will add 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.
  • Can you install a rear 2 link kit without cutting the trunk up?
    Yes, you can install our baby moon notch without cutting the notch into the chassis. You will use the same bag mounts, same shock mounts and same components. It just will not allow the vehicle to lay all the way down it is designed to do. Our air bag / shock / notch mount is all one assembly that welds to the inside of the frame and keeps all of the components under the floor.
  • Removing and installing tires with air bags
    In most instances, the lower we go with these vehicles, we create issues with other components. This is the case with removing and installing tires once we lower a vehicle, let alone install air ride and notch them. With our baby moon or big notch air ride kits; with the vehicle properly supported, we remove the lower shock bolt, remove the driveline from the rear axle, and air the rear air bags up. This pushes the rear axle down enough to allow you to remove and reinstall the rear wheels and tires in most instances. In some cases, we have found luck in removing the valve cores to deflate the tire and allow for removal and install in an easier manner.
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