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Modified stock IFS crossmembers and lower control arms to allow for running air bags without rubbing on the crossmember. We've taken the guesswork out of bagging these 49-54 Chevys. We step the lower control arms up 2" to allow these cars to lay on the K frame while running a stock upright and a G78 tire. After miles of abuse on these we've worked the bugs out. Our upper shock mount serves as a gusset to the coil pocket to ensure your suspension only flexes where its supposed to. Simply support your motor, hang your brakes (stock drums or works with disc brake conversions), remove the 16 bolts holding the crossmember in place and pull your crossmember out assembled. Installation is just as simple working backwards. 

This kit includes a modified front crossmember, 2 stepped lower control arms, upper bag cups, bags, upper shock mounts / coil pocket gusset, shocks, and all the needed hardware. 

***$250 core charge required without good condition core***

Bagged stock front end 49-54 Chevy

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