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We're happy to announce the release of our IFS front ends! We've been developing these and fine tuning them for the last 5 years. We've taken the industry standard Mustang II platform and built off of it. After the supply issues of 202 we took onto building our own control arms. This allowed us to go to a C10 upper ball joint,  bigger inner bushings on both our upper and lower control arms, and fine tune our lower ball joint retension. 

Similar to our rear suspension kits, we've packaged our upper control arm mounts with our upper bag mounts, upper shock mounts, and plating over the stock chassis for additional weld surface. No more cracked frames or loosing alignments at the first pot hole you hit. These kits are built to order so please allow 6-8 weeks for assembly. 

Kit includes:

JG upper and lower control arms (assembled), lower crossmember, upper control arm / upper bag mount / upper shock mount assemblies (pair), 2" dropped spindles, manaul rack and pinion, rack hardware, outer tie rod ends, disc brake kit (5 on 4 3/4), air bags, shocks, and all Grade 8 hardware required for installation. 

Chevy 49-54 IFS front end

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