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We've finally jumped in and designed a rear air ride system specifically fit to the 49-54 Chevy convertibles. We've taken our standard vehicle specific fitment and applied it to the popular Verts of this era. This system is our baby moon notch kit which doesn't require you cut the car up. If you choose to notch the chassis, you will have to cut a 14 x 18" hole in the trunk to allow the top of the axle to cycle into the trunk. We provide you with a pan to box this back in, along with your front link mounts, link arms, bags, shocks, and our signature bag mount, shock mount, and notch assembly plate. Take your car to another level and smooth that ride out while cruising the streets with an easy install. This system is available for both open or closed driveline. 

Chevy convertible closed driveline baby moon notch kit '49-'54

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