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Complete CDL Kit includes: Link arms, adjustable panhard bar, front crossmember (weld in), axle pivots and radius tabs (weld on), 2 ¾ Heim joints (Left Hand thread and Right hand thread), bushings, upper bag mounts (weld on), 2 Universal Air AirHouse II air bags, shock absorbers, lower and upper shock mounts, Grade 8 hardware, baby moon notch, notch cover, and install instructions.Kit uses same front mounts, bag mounts, and link arms as open driveline kit. If open driveline conversion performed in future, we offer open driveline axle pads and u bolts to allow for use of existing suspension components. When baby moon notch installed, cutting an 8” x 10” rectangle in the trunk floor is needed to allow for the differential (rear axle) to cycle up into the floor. 


*Rear suspension system only*Price: (DOES NOT INCLUDE TAX or Shipping)Closed driveline kit works for stock closed driveline cars only. *CHEVY ONLY*Fits 1941-1948 or 1949-1954 2 or 4 door sedans, coupes, hardtops, wagons, or sedan delivery  *Will not fit convertible*  ***Kit requires fabrication and welding for installation***

Ford Baby moon notch kit '55-56

SKU: F-5556-BMNK
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