Our 2 link kit was designed around the ’41-’54 Chevy car chassis, and is now offered as a universal fit kit. Built from 2” x 2” x .250 wall square tubing, these links are designed to run an air ride bag, or spring, off the lower link. We built a taller axle pad to locate the link lower in relation to the chassis. By doing this it keeps the bag mount out of the floor/rear seat pan. The longer links allow the pinion angle to cycle with the driveline and help keep pinion angle change minimal. The passenger side link has the panhard bar mount on it to keep welding to the axle to a minimum. This kit includes: lower links, link frame mounts, axle pads, 2 Grade 8 3⁄4” U-bolts, bushings, 2 adjustable heims, panhard bar, panhard bar mounts, and all required hardware for installation.

Please be sure to specify when ordering if you are planning on using air bags, hydraulics, or a coil spring set up
*Vehicle specific kits will require a crossmember.
Crossmembers are available for the vehicles listed below for an additional $100.00 Chevy Vehicles: ’41-’48 & ’49-‘54 Coupes, sedans, business sedans, fastbacks & wagons Ford Vehicles: ’49-’51, ’52-’54, sedans, coupes & wagons

Open driveline 2 Link Kit

  • *Install will require a front crossmember to weld supplied mounts to.

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